Grapes of DayBreak Vineyard
Cabernet Franc
Leon Millot
Seyval Blanc
A  mid season varietal
with rich color.  It has
notes of green and black
pepper along with
raspberry, blackberry and
some mint aromas.
Wonderful tannin
A later season varietal
with a delicate, citrus
aroma. Well balanced
and supple, it's similar to
a Reisling.
A mid to late season
varietal with outstanding
characteristics. Like a
french chardonnay, it is
rather tight and acidic at
first, but aged in oak, it has
a bouquet of vanilla, apple
and hazelnut.
Corot Noir
A mid to late season
varietal with a fair amount
of tannin. Hints of rose
and blackberry. Think
A mid season varietal
with rich color,notes of
green pepper, raspberry
and mint. Noted for it's
fine tannin structure.
A mid season varietal that
is Mareshal foch's cousin.
Intense, inky color.
Overtones of currant and
A mid to late season
varietal with strong
acidity. Components of
black fruit, vanilla, bitter
chocolate and cedar.
A late season varietal that
is spicy and well balanced.
Blackberry, smoke and
violet come forth.
Complex start to finish.
These are some of the varieties we have at Daybreak Vineyard.   Over the years we will plant
the most promising, and continue research into new grapes and northern climate viticulture
Mareshal Foch