DayBreak Vineyard's Wines

The average grape vine, in Maine, will need three
years of growth before a decent harvest may be had.
As we wait patiently for our vines to reach fruition, we
still make wine!

We currently produce wine from grapes that have
been grown and harvested on other vineyards. As we
can choose from many sources each year, we are able
to find the best grapes of that season.

These vintages will be available in June. As these
wines are of very limited quantity, It is recommended
that you contact us and reserve the wines of your
choosing. Want to sample first?
Send us your email
address and we will notify you of upcoming wine
                               Wine Pairing

We think that more nonsense has been shared by experts on this subject than any other in regard to wine.
People's taste in food and  wine vary widely.  We all like what we like,  how
can another decide?  The parings  above will aid the timid, but the only way to pair
a wine is through the experience. Try out a lot of wines. Be daring and pull off the
shelf a varietal you have never tried before. We do all the time and have made some
wonderful discovery's. Did you know that there is great wine from Japan? Israel? Turkey?

Reds really can be had with fish! Whites can be had with red meats!  
If the food you choose tastes better with the wine, or vice versa, then you
have a great pairing.   
...For the joy of life!